Media Matters

So, I was trying to find some more Royals sources using RSS. I’m a geek and read everything in Google Reader. I have a Yahoo! feed of Royals stories, but it’s sparse sometimes. Bleacher Report stories are hit and miss (especially when the amateur writers show their lack of knowledge about the ballclub). Most of those folks and some bloggers don’t have the media access to actually do a lot of ‘reporting,” just usually opinions.

Going to WHB’s website didn’t yield much, a few articles, mostly stats and standings imported in from somewhere else.

What about 610 Sports, “The Home of the Royals?” I was disappointed to see that their Royals site labeled “Royals Insider” but also called was really lacking. No audio from Saturday or Sunday’s games in Texas. The blog was empty and labeled “Robert Ford Spring Training Blog.” There were Royals articles scattered across the 610 site (which has some navigational issues), but no bundle of them for easy reading.

My last stop was Fox Sports Kansas City. They had some good timely articles and an RSS feed for them. Nicely laid and easy to navigate.

So my media rankings in covering the Royals go like this: 1) Kansas City Star 2) Fox Sports Kansas City 3) 610 Sports 4) 810 WHB 5) Bloggersphere.


Saturday In The Park: No Futures For FSKC?

Some notes for a nice April Saturday.

  • I guess the Kansas State baseball game takes precedence over airing the Futures game between the Triple-A Omaha Storm Chasers (cough: Royals) and the Double-A Northwest Arkansas Naturals. But, a memo to the Fox Sports brass. Can we stop using the “FSMidwest” branding on half of the programming on the supposed “Fox Sports Kansas City?” We hate that because it really means “Fox Sports St. Louis.” We hate St. Louis. No really. Maybe, someone in your Houston master control could lift a finger to push a button to fix that.
  • As I start a media rant, what was up with the Miller Lite commercials on 610 Sports that said “Happy Holidays?” Plus, all of the dead air in between innings. Does anyone really care at KCSP?
  • Does anyone sell Alex Gordon dart boards? You could make a lot of money with that. Just sayin.’
  • I have Greinke on my fantasy baseball team. He’s on the DL, probably for the whole month of April. Did we trade at the right time?