The Problem With Frenchy’s Signing

Hint: It’s not that the Kansas City Royals signed outfielder Jeff Francouer to a two-year extension.

It’s some of the media and some of the fan bloggers who pick their favorites and pick their goats early and think that being a Major League Baseball general manager is just like playing MLB ’11 on their PS3.

Has Franceour been a consistent performer? No. Can he be a consistent performer? Maybe.

The jury is still out.  No, really.

He’s only 27. Not 30. And it’s not a 5-year, $55 million contract. It’s a 2-year, $13.5 million deal.

“It won’t last,” the detractors chant, picking statistics they like and ignoring the ones the don’t.

These are the same folks who were calling for Alex Gordon’s head on opening day (How’s that working out for ‘ya?). Over and over, they banged the drum for Kila Ka’aihue (Not looking good so far).  But, they won’t remind you of that.

This is just something to think about it when the Royals “hipsters” pull their “we love all minor league prospects and hate free agent signings that we didn’t think of” shtick.