Zack’s So Good, Even His Own Team Can’t Hit

A day after piling up 12 runs on 20 hits, the Royals were shutout, 1-0 by Boston.
That means Zack Greinke must have been on the mound for Kansas City.
I’m beginning to think the Royals press when Zack is on the mound. I think he presses sometimes too. After all, 1-6 is no way follow a Cy Young Award win.
That was evident when he was shelled last Sunday. But, Saturday night was no shelling. Sure, he walked four and only lasted six innings, throwing 114 pitches. But, holding the Red Sox to a lone run should get you a better chance at a ‘W.’
Greinke still commands respect, despite the slow start.
“Cy Young, man,” Boston’s David Ortiz told “Cy Young. That’s a guy that has confidence in himself. Even not starting the season like he did last year, you can see that he still makes pitches.”
When other parts of the Royals lineup command a fraction of that respect, then we may have something.
Until then, tough luck Zack.


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